Show actual size image when clicking on it. It also unmutes the stories automatically

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v0.16 2022-10-17

    Added: Right clicking a video post will remove the overlay so you can enable the video controls.

  • v0.15 2022-06-07

    Updated (un)mute functionality

  • v0.14 2022-06-03

    Updated changed classes

  • v0.13 2021-11-11

    Updated changed mute class name

  • v0.12 2020-12-18 Added auto unmute story functionality
  • v0.11 2020-05-12 Opening the image also liked it automatically
  • v0.10 2020-02-20
  • v0.10 2020-02-20 Fix for 'clicking' the options button involuntarily
  • v0.9 2020-02-17 Fix for timeline layout
  • v0.8 2020-02-06
  • v0.7 2018-06-01 Updated with the new classes used by Instagram
  • v0.6 2017-11-17 Moved css to seperate function and made sure that the images wasn't still shrunk.
  • v0.5 2017-10-04 Fixed behaviour when viewing images from a users grid layout.
  • v0.4 2017-09-29 Updated namespace
  • v0.3 2017-09-29
  • v0.2 2017-09-29 After the first click the protecting div is removed to be able to get to the image easier
  • v0.1 2017-09-16
  • v0.1 2017-09-16