Disable YouTube Video Ads

Disable YouTube video & screen based ads at home page, and right before or in the middle of the main video playback. For new YouTube layout (Polymer) only.

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2021-04-16
Best YT ads blocker! This script was working 100% perfectly (zero ads) until few days ago.

Now is still working pretty good, blocking most of the ads, but unfortunately, now few ads are not blocked.

Hope to see soon the next update/upgrade.

Thank you in advance!
Posted: 2021-04-17

When the script no longer work due to site changes (which YouTube frequently does), I always try to update it because I too, don't like those annoying video ads.

However, to fix something, I need to actually see that the script has failed. IOTW, I need a way to reliably reproduce the problem.

Unfortunately, I myself haven't experienced any video ad which got slipped through the script's blocking method, yet. So, I couldn't know what went wrong, yet. Even if I want to.

Though, if you recently installed other GM scripts or browser extension, there's a chance that they conflict with this script.

Posted: 2021-04-17
Thanks for your replay.

Yeah, I know that it's not your fault!
Time to time YT always changes its page stuff. Not to mention regional YT changes, where some countries are bombarded with different YT garbage. So it's impossible to have a 100% updated script.
That said, your script is the best one I found, it uses to block (for me) absolutely every YT ad.

The new issue I'm experiencing now, clearly is due to new YT ads.
In order to avoid conflicts, I made several tests disabling scripts and extensions, and I can confirm that your script miss a new type of YT ad.
But this is not happening all the time, in fact your script still blocks 90% of YT garbage.

If I can help you, please use me! Otherwise, no problem, I'll patiently wait for the next update.
Thank you once again for such excellent work!
Posted: 2021-04-23

I've just noticed the changes. The script has been updated for this.

Posted: 2021-04-24
Latest 1.2.23 works like a charm again! Thank you @jcunews for such nice work. Quoting you: "Run, YouTube! Run!!! Because I will find you, and I will patch you."
For me this is the only script blocking every single yt ad.

I'm a firemonkey user, and as I learned here in the feedback area (thanks to esthermoellman comment), for those firemonkey users interested, you just need to replace line 16 (fn = (a) => {) with:

fn = (a) => {
let fn, ipse, haia, hca, rpo, et; // firemonkey workaround

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