WWT - Frontpage improvements (NN,sS,Keka,PX)

All* scripts for the WWT front page combined and improved

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This script collects all the WWT frontpage scripts to one.

FP stuff

Currently not compatible with Greasemonkey 4+.
Use Tampermonkey instead.

Included scripts:

All the scripts are included with the authors permission.
Huge thanks to all the authors of the original scripts. :)

If any of the scripts get updated, please contact me and I'll update this as well.

New Shoutbox Smileys features

Option to always automatically add color, bold, underline, italic, size, alignment and/or custom fonts to all your messages.

Quote buttons in shout:

simply click on the quote button next to a message in shout to quote it.

Just like the WWT default smileys, you can now use your custom smileys by their "alt" names. (i.e. :hi)


The alt names will always automatically turn into images when you submit your message. (now works fine on both chrome and firefox)

Alt name instructions:

Do not use duplicate alt names.
If an alt name contains another alt name they must be in order.

Lets say you have three smileys called "hello", "helloHat" and "helloHat2". You must have them in that exact order for them to work.

They get checked in reverse order. Meaning the script will first check for a ":helloHat2" before ":hello".
If you had "hello" last, the script would check for ":hello" before ":helloHat2".
With that wrong order, if you typed "Hello there :helloHat2 NotNeo!" the script would turn it to "Hello there [img]address/hello.png[/img]Hat2 NotNeo!"

To avoid all that, you can always just name them so they do not contain each other. You could use numbers for example.
i.e. "hello1" "helloHat1" "helloHat2". That way none of them contain each other.


When others mention you in shout (@yourusername) you will get a notification.

Notification options:
-Custom sound
-desktop notification on/off

PM Notifications

In addition to the old PM system, you now get notifications for PMs

Notification options:
-Custom sound
-desktop notification on/off


There's now a "jukebox" below the Shoutbox Utilities.
It collects videos automatically from shout and auto plays them if you have autoplay on.
It has an on/off button and an autoplay checkbox on it that can be used at will.
There is an option to have the jukebox stick to the bottom of the screen. (Follows the screen, when you scroll)
There is an option to set a custom height for the videos. (and therefore the jukebox height)

Autoplay exceptions:
-When the page first loads and all the videos already in shout get added to the jukebox, they are not auto played to prevent potentially many videos from starting to play at once.
-Same goes for when you turn the jukebox on after having it off. For the same reason as above.


To change settings click the button in the page header:

Using this script no longer requires you to go and edit the settings inside the script.

Version 1.9.6 tested on Chrome, Slimjet, Firefox(Nightly)/Tampermonkey and Waterfox(Firefox based)

If you need help or have any sort of feedback or ideas, PM me(NotNeo) on 1337x or WWT


-Added options for the disclaimer (Hide/Minimize parts of the frontpage + more - update 1.3.7)

-Added a new feature: alt name to image on submit for custom smileys, just like default WWT smileys (i.e. :hi)

-Removed my personal settings and custom smileys that I had forgotten...

-The ability to use custom smiley alt names now works on chrome as well. No need for that custom key nonsense anymore.
-Added an option to always automatically color your text.
-Removed "remove search" and "remove notice" options from the Shoutbox utilities, since both settings are also in the Hide/Minimize section.
-Now using a "fake" shout msgbox due to problems with the real one(Not noticeable to the user)

-Added option to make custom colored text italic.
-Fixed bbCode buttons selected text functionality(Shoutbox Utilities).
-Added option for Shoutbox Utilities to either have all text replaced by the messages or to insert it at the caret position.

-New bbCode Tags: Size, Font, Underline.
-Size, Font and Underline available for autocolor.
-disabled "shout in color" button when using autocolor.
-Now checking for duplicate tags before submitting. (For example, autocolor does not get applied if you use another color from the color button. Same goes for other tags)
-URL tag button now uses the highlighted text as the "title" for your link (if nothing is highlighted, works as before)
-bbCode color button now opens a box to choose the color like in the forums, though it also has your custom color as an option and the bottom option is "Custom", which opens a new menu that lets you type out a hex code and has a link to a color mixer that gives you the hex. (For those wanting to speak in rainbow :D )
-New look for the bbCode buttons (old is still there as an option)
-Wrapped Shoutbox Utilities in and made the colspan full size
-Jukebox(beta) (Currently works by drag-and-dropping links from the shout to the slot)

-Added autoplay option to jukebox
-Removed the textbox "slot" from the jukebox. The drag and drop now works on anywhere on the jukebox.
-Better youtube link handling for the jukebox. All youtube links should now work, including playlists(autoplay not supported for playlist)
-Improved the bbCode button style. Should now scale better.
-Improved popup boxes for font and color. Both now open in a similar WWT color themed box in the middle of the screen.
-new bbcode button: spoiler
-new bbcode button: quote. allows drag-and-drop quoting
-Improved valid color hex rules

-small update to bbcode button style to make them more compatible with sS's userstyles
-updated Shoutbox utilities Request threads (now with title links not pure urls) + search reminder ?? replaced with arrows
-videos are now automatically collected from the shout and added to the jukebox. If autoplay is on they start playing as soon as they are posted in shout.
-Added option to have the jukebox be off to start with (it has a button on it to turn it on/off)
-When the jukebox is turned on, all currently posted videos get loaded without autoplay(so as not to potentially autoplay many videos at once) and consecutive ones follow your autoplay settings.
-Added better visuals effects for Jukebox (on/off)
-Added autoplay checkbox on the jukebox.

-fixed a small stupid mistake...

-Reversed the load order for the jukebox, so the newest video get loaded last (making it the first in the list)

-WWT nameservers changed. Script @Includes changed from .eu to .me

-more .eu to .me changes I missed

-Added bbCode button "align"
-Added ability to always use align
-The "always X" options now work independently of autocolor.

-Align options now automatically close themselves after choosing one.

-Added option to center sS Shoutbox Utilities messages by default
-Added an option to have the Jukebox stick to the bottom of the screen at all times.
-Adjusted some styles.
-Added an options to choose video height (and therefore jukebox height)

-Fix for new url.
-Changed Jukebox to be normal (not sticky) by default.

-Options are now available on the webpage and are saved locally so they shouldn't get wiped when the script gets updated. Custom smileys are currently not part of the options menu and will have to be added by editing the script like before.
-Small bug fixes.

-Custom smileys are now also in the options menu. Should be no need to edit the script anymore.
-Options menu max height is now 90% of monitor size and overflow is scrollable.
-Options menu item orders and spacings improved.

-Added ability to re-order smileys from the options.
-Added option to enable/disable a confirmation on removing smileys.
-Small improvements and bug fixes.

-Replaced Blog tab's functionality with my own. It should now works as previusly, but allow scrolling.
-Removed Jquery's .ready() function as it doesn't seem to work on chrome. Made changes to accommodate that.
-Hide/Remove updates:
--Removed "Others" section settings as it's no longer on the page.
--Replaced Disclaimer with Footer.
--Fixed some broken hiding.
--Other small improvements in the Hide/remove code.

-Added mentioning. ( @username ).
-Options for mentioning (on/off, volume, custom sound, nicknames, desktop notifications)
-Improved handling of default vs saved settings.

-Mentions notification volume default is now 50%.
-Mentions notification volume 0 is now allowed.
-Fixed some tooltips.
-Fixed mentions custom audio setting.
-Added PM notifications and associated settings.
-Moved all old PM related settings to the new "PM settings" section.
-Added "More help? Click to PM NotNeo" link to the bottom of the settings.

-Small change to fix mentions section of the settings.

-Added ability to edit default smileys from the settings.
-Added ability to create and remove custom messages for Shoutbox utilities from the settings

-Fixed User Info

-Added the ability to Import/Export Settings (Currently doesn't support edits of default smileys*)
-Updated comics request thread to v05 (Shout Utilities)
-Small visual improvements

-Fixed Shout Utilities export/import.
-Fixed and improved Default smileys editing.
-Added Default smileys to export/import (everything now included in export/import)

-added icon
-added strikethrough bbCode button
-Improved youtube link detection for jukebox (mobile links and multiple links per message now work)
-option to limit the number of videos collected to jukebox
-Changed the bbCodebuttons style options. (Now just enable/disable default)
-Updated export/import
-added option to respond to @all and @everyone
-Prevented notifications for own messages
-jukebox videos are now centered

-marginally improved jukebox height option
-"Latest Forum" sidebar now updates periodically
-Option to set the "Latest Forum" update interval
-"Latest Forum" update interval option added to import/export

-Site update broke a lot of things. Fixed most of it. Bunch of things still broken. most notably, the "hide/remove sections" part of the script is currently disabled.
-smileys, bbCodes, all notifications, updating Latest Forum, most things really should work. Will fix more later.

-Every problem caused by the site update is now fixed. (hopefully)

-Latest Forum auto-update now off by default with the option to turn on. (superiorSilicon's "Sidebar Auto-Update" recommended instead as it runs all over WWT, unlike FPI which runs just on the frontpage)
-Moved Shoutbox related settings over to the "Shoutbox Utilities Settings" section and renamed it to "Shoutbox- and Shoutbox Utilities Settings"
-Added optional(on by default) Quote buttons in the Shoutbox that allow easy quoting and support images and links.
-Added the quote button option to the settings and import/export
-You can now directly edit your custom Shoutbox Utilities messages from the options menu.
-Improved the custom Shoutbox Utilities message system to prevent potential bugs.

-Added missing handling for links in quotes (via quote button)

-lifted shoutbox height max limit
-Added rainbow color option for bbCode color button
-Added red-blue gradient color option for bbCode color button
-shoutbox quote button - Added handling for quoting quotes (currently can't handle quoting a quote of a quote)

-Added better Sine Rainbow bbCode colour option
-Replaced Red-Blue bbCode colour option with "Gradient" that lets you choose the starting and ending colour. Previously used colours will be remembered
-Added import/export for gradient starting and ending colours

-Oops. Fixed Sine Rainbow.

-Fixed the Heartbreak bug. (Better handling for images when using the shoutbox quote button)
-Added strikethrough, underline, size, font and color handling for the quote shoutbox button. It should now handle everything except spoilers, alignments and quoting quotes of quotes(x3)

-Options that override others will disable unused settings (e.g. if "Use jukebox" is unchecked, all other jukebox settings get grayed out.)
-Updated default notification sound URLs that were previously http for some reason. Now using https

-Made some fixes to the settings import. Mainly to handle missing settings.
-Removed debug function call that had been left in by accident.
-Completely disabled the forum update function (for now) as it had some problems. (Might fix it later on. Though you should be using sS's Sidebar auto update instead anyways)

-Fixed double "PM from shout" buttons on Chrome

-Added adjustable PMFromShout icon size.
-Added adjustable quoteFromShout icon size.
-quoteFromShoutButton now optionally next to PM button.
-New settings added to settings import/export.

-Changed the bbCode default value to #000000 from #000 (WWT shout doesn't like hex shorthand)

-Fixed PMNotificationAudio not working in some cases
-Fixed ShoutUserInfo
-Added "Torrents" to ShoutUserInfo
-Added avatar to ShoutUserInfo

-Jukebox fixed

-Added proper colorpickers for all settings that allow custom colors
-Also added proper colorpicker for bbCode color button under "custom"
-Disallowed shorthand hexcodes entirely as they cause problems in some cases

-Better scaling for "visible search"
-Hide sections minimize buttons are now white
-Microsoft Edge support (There are still some problems. Other browsers are recommended, but Edge should more or less work now.)

-PM icons in shout fixed. (problem caused by previous update)

-Removed some wasted space from the top of the page and fixed header height problems caused by large padding.
2.0 Will be a totally re-vamped FPI (currently under work). Until then, I'm just gonna increase the last part in the version number

-When you drag a username from shout into the shout message inputbox it is inserted as a mention (@Username)
-When you drag an image into the shout message inputbox it gets automatically tagged ( [img]dragged.com/image.gif[/img] )

-Added drag and drop link handling for shout message box (dropped links on shout message box get tagged [url])
-Added animations for hiding/showing things
-Removed some borders and rounded headers

-Added support for [video] tags for Jukebox.
-Added option to show number of users online in the site header (on by default).
-Moved FPI settings window 4 pixels up. (yes, this was very important lol)

-Added option to only show smileys under the shout on hover. (Gives a performance boost) (on by default)

-made sure smiley titles == alts.
-Prevented PM notifications for errors (hopefully)

-Updated the online users system

-Updated the online users positioning

-Fixed the previous faulty update

-BBCode url button now detects youtube links and attempts to automatically get the video title and then adds a small youtube logo to the start of the link title

-disabled PM live count for now as it causes a lot of problems.
Will fix when I find the time.
If you'd rather suffer the problems to still have the feature, you can simply install the previous version ( from the History tab of the script on GreasyFork.
The thanks for identifying the problem goes to skunklove

-missed something from the temp "fix" that caused the header PM count to become 0 regardless of if there are PMs or not

-all instances of .me changed to .to

-PM notifications are back.
-PM notification check interval option removed. Now using site's own live pm check.

-Updated some http links to use https
-http links in custom smilies and custom messages now automatically get replaced with https variants