WME Route Checker

Allows editors to check the route between two segments

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v1.49 2022-11-23
  • v1.48 2022-06-13

    v1.48 - updated for new WME

  • v1.47 2021-12-07

    v1.47 - reverting to v1.42, as Waze changed the json format again

  • v1.46 2021-10-18

    v1.46 - restored lane guidance and route name/type

  • v1.45 2021-10-05

    v1.5 - updated to support new routing response, and added auto-zoom to primary route

  • v1.42 2021-09-01

    v1.42 - minor fix so it works again

  • v1.41 2021-05-19

    v1.41 - minor fixes for routing server, beta editor and tight turns in lane guidance

  • v1.40 2020-09-26 v1.40 - now showing Lane Guidance!!!
  • v1.32 2020-01-30 v1.32 - more support for restricted areas and tolls
  • v1.31 2020-01-30 v1.31 - detect when a route passes through restricted area
  • v1.30 2020-01-25 v1.30 - fixed due to changes in WME
  • v1.29 2018-08-16 v1.29 - minor tweaks, fixes and tidy up of the code
  • v1.28 2018-07-30 v1.28 - renamed Waze object to W
  • v1.27 2018-04-24 v1.27 - updated to work with new WME, and fixed zIndex of route
  • v1.26 2018-03-06 v1.26 - added 'continue' instructions. Previous version also had motorcycle routing added
  • v1.25 2018-03-05 v1.25 - fixed the turn images (maybe) and switched Waze objects
  • v1.24 2017-08-18 Updated @includes
  • v1.23 2016-07-11 v1.23 - updated for new beta address
  • v1.22 2016-06-17 v1.22 - Livemap link now includes selected routing options
  • v1.21 2016-04-17 v1.21 - Experimental Feature: select the segments that the route uses
  • v1.20 2016-02-08 v1.20 - added Vehicle Type option
  • v1.19 2015-12-22 Fixed links to Livemap
  • v1.18 2015-11-07 v1.18 - updated to use own tab in new WME interface
  • v1.17 2015-10-17 v1.17 - fixed bug when deleting segments in Beta Editor
  • v1.16 2015-09-09 Ignore unnamed roundabout segments when looking ahead to for next street name
  • v1.15 2015-08-06 Quit if page is not WME
  • v1.14 2015-08-04 Better handling of 0th exit errors; only show 'exit left' for leftHanded countries and 'exit right' for not leftHanded
  • v1.13 2015-08-02 Refactored code; show "exit left" instructions (thanks FZ69617); show instructions on the map (only primary route); don't show "continue"; general improvements.
  • v1.12 2015-04-25 Fixed bug with PM link by Toolbox; Added fastest/shortest option; Display TOLL marker; Show distance and time for route
  • v1.11 2015-04-22 Fixed loading on Firefox, and problem selecting segments after getting a route. Tweaked the style a little too.
  • v1.1 2015-04-22 Undone sync from userscripts (facepalm)
  • v1.0 2015-04-22 Imported from URL
  • v1.1 2015-04-21 (allow U-turns by default)
  • v1.1 2015-04-21 Added support for U-turns, as well as avoiding Tolls, Freeways and Dirt Trails. Also moved turn icons on top of all other layers.
  • v1.0 2014-07-10 Imported from URL