Power LinkedIn-Connect/Open All Contacts, Skip Add Note, Expand Profile & Visited Link Color Options

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Power LinkedIn empowers your use of LinkedIn.com with social networking automation and configurable, time-saving features.

Features include:

  1. Connect All button to auto connect to all shown contacts in A) Search Results page, B) Profile page (even if Connect button is hidden), C) My Network page suggestions, and likely anywhere else Connect is available
  2. Connect All/Open button to connect to all shown contacts and also open Contacts without Connect button in search results
  3. Auto Skip Add Note, just Send Now You can disable this behavior for certain pages by adding "connectNote&" to the URL (either after the /? or after adding a ? to the URL if one doesn't already exist) in address bar and pressing Enter. Disable permanently by having var autoSendNowOnConnect = false; (instead of default of true) in the USER SETTINGS part of the script.
  4. Expand all Profile sections (for easier searching) Disable permanently by having var autoExpandProfileDescription = false; (instead of default of true) in the USER SETTINGS part of the script.
  5. Show visited link color for profiles already seen (even when opened from search results)

You can Configure or Disable features in User Settings part of script.

You can also disable some features temporarily for specific pages by adding the described parameters (such as connectNote&) on to the URL of the page you are visiting.

By PowerSheet.ai