mmmturkeybacon Numbered Google Results with Easy Copy

Numbers results in the format M.N to show the result number. If you are on the first page it divides the results up into groups of 10 and after every 10 results M is increased by 1. This allows you to quickly see which page a result would be on if there were 10 results per page. For any page after the first, M is the page number and N is the result number. Hold the pointer over a button for instructions on copying. Disable Google Instant (Gear>Search settings>Never show Instant results).

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  • v1.13 - Added code to scroll to first result if URL contains &mtb_scroll
  • v1.12
  • v1.11
  • v1.10
  • v1.02
  • v1.01
  • v1 - Imported from URL