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Working auto heal and advanced minimap

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Introducing a discord server for hackers to team -->

Welcome to a community-sourced mod striving to create the best scripting experience.

Tired of loading? Use the LITE Mod!

We are working to get the number pad working again, if it wasn't working for you.

Auto heal, and advanced minimap. Yup, nothing else. Just what you care about. All the junk is removed like before, with a new UI!

Here's a complete list of everything this mod does:
-auto heal (healing sometimes works without cookie, delay added to evade detection)
-advanced minimap (shows the desert, the arctic, and the river)
-removes the disgusting crud from the home page. (banners, ads, all of it)
-Use the number pad to control hats. Use "0" and "." to control buying/not buying. Use numbers 1-9 to control the most
important hats. Use the "+" key to remove a hat. (attempted to fix)

In other words, playing with this mod makes you amazing at fighting without effort. You can also see where your team members are with greater accuracy. You don't have to worry about healing, the mod does the rest.

Check out the no numpad script here for the same great script for users without a number pad.

Big shout-out to Mr.Roboto for fixing most of the scripts:

This mod has an aim bot as well as autoheal (you may need a cookie):
Original script: Thanks, Andrew Nguyen!!!

The number pad hat controls are soured from here:
Original Script: Thanks, Perussi!!!

v3.6- Changes title formatting
v3.5- Streamlined ad removal code
v3.4- Removes more ads from
v3.3- Removed Monetization
v3.2- Buffed Monetization
v3.1- Added Monetization
v3.0- Bug Fixes.
v2.5- Bug fixes. Autoheal now at delay.
v2.0- Added full hat control from number pad
v1.7- Updates to the autoaim/heal scripts
Minimap screenshot for mod