Hide Threads and Replies by Poster

Hides threads based on the player(s) that posted the thread or replied. Applies to all sub-forums, your Clan forum and your Mail. Also applies to individual threads.

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Hides threads and replies by poster ids (the poster's names' and ids are available in the Block List).
Ability to not hide threads even if you're hiding threads by the player that made the thread (these are known as Thread Exceptions).
Ability to hide off-topic threads on the all forum posts page.
Ability to hide individual threads (including Map Of The Week threads).
Hides threads and replies by players have have a blank name by default.
Hides blank posts.
Hides all-caps threads (they would be deleted anyway).
Creates jump to non-spam links when there's forum spam (subject to if I'm active).
Makes invisible player names become visible.
Makes invisible thread/mail subjects become visible.
Makes invisible links globally become visible.
Has ability to restore hidden threads and replies. Buttons that do this can be hidden via accessing the settings.
Ability to import/export settings.
Ability to downvote spammer threads.

For a command line menu of this, go to your browser's console and type configDan.

By installing this userscript, you agree to the use of storage data (local storage) being accessed and changed. This data is not transferred to any other sites.