RARBG Advanced Filters

Additional quality of life filters: - Show or hide category icons; - Show or hide torrent thumbnails; - Show or hide movie and tv filters (Removes torrents with KORSUB and 720p); - Show or hide porn; - search for movies and tv shows by genre - Filter based on minimum IMDB rating;

Additional quality of life filters for RARBG:
- Show or hide category icons
- Show or hide torrent thumbnails
- Make torrent thumbnails big or small
- Switch between grid or list views NEW
- Show or hide movie and TV filters (Removes torrents with KORSUB and 720p)
- Show or hide porn
- Search for movies and tv shows by genre
- Filter based on minimum IMDB rating (For Movies and TV Shows)
- Filters settings saved to Local Storage
- Setting a minimum rating also hide torrents that do not have IMDB ratings

Compatible With:
- RARBG - torrent and magnet links by darkred
- RARBG - various tweaks by darkred


- Filter by year
- Torrent category, IMDB, icons sorting
- Hides torrents with seeders equal to or lower than number you specify
- Large grid icon
- Filter counter
- Category-specific filters (e.g., genre for Music; torrent group for Games; and so forth)
- Category-specific filters for mixed categories (e.g., Music/MP3, Music/FLAC, Games/PC ISO, and e-Books)
- Button to open all torrent links to new tabs
- Save column sorting
- Search by minimum file size (MB, GB)
- Search for Uploader

Won't Do:
- Popup ad blockers

There's a NO PORN version of this script that permanently removes that content for those who'd rather not see it. #NoTemptations

Released under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. Please respect the license.