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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2021-04-18
Feature request: add the episode name after the episode number to the filename.
This is an excellent script. But it would help a lot if we could get the episode name added to the filename after the episode number.
Posted: 2021-04-18
I forgot to add another small request at the same time.
Please add a colon after season number and before the "E".
It would also help a lot when reformatting the subtitles to match the video naming convention.
Posted: 2021-04-19

I have never seen a colon in the filename between season and episode number. Maybe because you can't use colons in filenames on Windows at all. I've seen S01E02 and 1x02 (both meaning season 1, episode 2) and my script uses the former convention.

As for the episode title - try 3.5.0, I added it as an option you can opt-in.

Posted: 2021-04-24
Edited: 2021-04-24

Thanks a lot for the great script and the episode name addition!

And for my second request, sorry. It was my mistake. I am not a native english speaker and I mixed colon and period.

Let me reiterate what I am looking for.

I would like to have each section of the filename to be separated with something I can use in a script, that renames all subtitle names to same format as my video files have.

Currently the filenames are something like:[cc].vtt

I want to get them to:
The Good Place - S01 - E09 - ...Someone Like Me as a Member - Netflix.en[cc].vtt

Currently it is tricky as all spaces are replaced with periods and it is not trivial (to me at least) to replace the whole filename. Specially if the original Title or Episode name had periods in their name.

It would help if the filename would have e.g. underscores where spaces originally existed and periods or dashes separating sections of the filename, e.g.:

This way one could make regex rules to rename files more easily.
Posted: 2021-04-26

One can easily make regex rules without those changes: ^(.*?)\.(S\d{2,})(E\d{2,})\.(.*?)\.?WEBRip\.Netflix\.(.*?)\.vtt$

First group catches the series name.
Second group the season (you can move the S before the parenthesis if you want to get just the number). {2,} means 2 or more, \d means number.
Third group catches the episode.
Fourth one is the episode title (without leading or trailing dot).
Fifth is the language.

Take a look here:

Posted: 2021-04-26

Also if you want to rename the subs to match the videos - loop through all video files and detect the season/episode. Make a dictionary - keys are combination of season and episode, values are full names without the file extension. Then loop through the subtitles, detect the season/episode and get the full name from the dictionary. That's the easiest way.

Posted: 2021-04-27
Thanks a lot,

I am not that fluent with regex either, but maybe I get the necessary incentive to learn it better now :)
(or I just use your kind example like it is)

And I shall also investigate the dictionary you mentioned.

BR. ToKu

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