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Adds a YouTube search link next to the Videos link (e.g. Web, Images, Videos, YouTube, News, Maps, Shopping, ...)

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This script is a fork of Google youtube search link, written by wOxxOm.
Thanks to wOxxOm for that script.

This script applies to Google search (using any language).

It inserts a YouTube link next to the Videos one, i.e. Videos | YouTube in order to search for the given criteria in YouTube. It doesn't rearrange the rest links (see note).

i.e. if you type something in google search that looks like you're searching for images, the links will become:
All | Images | Videos | YouTube | etc

If it looks like you're looking for videos, the links will become:
All | Videos | YouTube | Images | etc

If you type something that looks like an address, the links will become:
All | Maps | Images | Videos | YouTube | News | More

If you type something that's related to some recent news, the links will become:
All | News | Images | Videos | YouTube | Maps | More

And, if you type a book title then the links will become:
All | Images | Videos | YouTube | Books | News | More


  • The initial script was offering:
    • either (by default) to re-arrange links so that the Images, Videos, Youtube links to always be on 2nd, 3rd, 4th places,
      which was breaking the Google's default tabs order (which takes into account the kind of search criteria that you have entered) and is removed in this fork.
    • or to add the YouTube link after all existing links, to the right (with some spacing in between).
  • Tampermonkey and Violentmonkey are supported - Greasemonkey is not supported.

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