XZ Pixiv Batch Downloader

Batch download original works of artists such as artists, bookmarks, leaderboards, search pages, etc.; view popular works; create folders; convert moving images to gif; block ads; quickly collect works (automatically add tags); do not jump to view multiple p works ; Quickly search for tags by number of favorites; add tags to unclassified works. Github: https://github.com/xuejianxianzun/XZPixivDownloader

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仙尊 pixiv 下载器 英文截图


This is a Pixiv image downloader written in JavaScript that supports many page types and filters.

Some additional features have been added, such as removing ads, quick collections, and viewing patterns.

It is essentially a user script (UserScript) that must be installed using the User Script Manager.


This tool has a Chrome extension and can be installed in the GitHub. I recommend everyone to use the extended version. If you have an extended version installed, you will need to close this scripted version.

Recommended Use:

Browser: Chrome (download Chrome browser)

User Script Manager: Tampermonkey (view in Chrome webstore)

  • Please turn off "Ask where to save each file before downloading" in browser settings.

The downloaded file will be saved in your browser's download directory.

Browser extension:

This tool has a browser extension. If you want to use a browser extension, you can uninstall the scripted version and install the browser extension.


Supported languages:

Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese (thanks 道满 for translation)

English (machine translation, also used under Korean settings)

日本語 (machine translation)

You can also optimize the translation, thank you very much :)


  • Chrome's resource limits

When you download picture, this page uses more memory and cpu resources. If you switch to another page and the download page is not activated, Chrome will limit the resource usage of the download page, resulting in slow download.

Option: Pull out the downloaded tabs individually and become a separate window. This page is the only one in the new window and it is always active. Downloads are not affected, we can use other pages too.

  • How to view the animation ( ugoira image ):

The animated picture is suffixed with ugoira. Please install HoneyView software. Open the ugoira file with HoneyView to see the animation effect.

Available pages and test URL: