Preview, Accept and Hoard

Adds an Accept and Hoard link to every Hit Capsule.

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Version 13
Tested on: Chrome version 28, Chrome version 36, Firefox version 31
Next update: None planned

This is @nameChet Manley's "Preview and Accept MTurk HITs" script with one added feature, an auto refreshing link. Both scripts should not be run at the same time.


Once installed this script will add two new links to each Hit Capsule. An accept link to accept a hit without having to view it first. A hoard link to launch an auto refreshing accept page to accept multiple hits at a timed interval.
The accept link can be left or right clicked just as a normal link can.

The hoard link must be left clicked to work properly. Based on browser settings a new window or tab will open up and auto refresh every X seconds.

By default the script is set to 2 seconds. You can change the refresh time by changing the "2" in first line of the script "var refreshTime = 2;". The default time of 2 seconds is low if you plan to run any other extensions or scripts with page requests. A 1 second refresh rate will work if you're not running anything else with page requests. A 0 second refresh rate will not work. At 0 seconds most browser will crash often.

If a Captcha come up the refreshing will come to a stop.