WME Invalidated Camera Mass Eraser

Allow delete visible, unvalidated and in your managed area all speed camera in 1 click!

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Posted: 2017-10-23
Edited: 2017-10-23

Can you fix this please?

The WME Fix UI script has an option to hide the user info and your button has remained. With his last version it is also removing your button. I asked him about it and here is his response.

"OK, I've installed the script and it's exactly as I though - the control is being added to the user info section.

The problem is that the way this section is created is changing in beta. Old versions of my script hide the inner part of User Info and the outer section "collapses" into invisibility. That's why the camera button was remaining: it "held" the outer section open. With the new Beta editor, the way the User Info is constructed is changed and I have to hide the whole section - along with the camera button.

Long-term, you probably need to speak to the author of the other script and see if they can move the button. It only involves changing one line of code.

In the meantime - I have added a fix to move it myself. When my script hides the user info, it now moves the button to be a child of the advanced-tools element just above. It also "loses" the horizontal rule created by the camera script, which only takes up valuable space. ;) "

Just wanted you to be aware of this and hopefully keep this very handy script working for me and others that don't want the un-wanted real-estate of the user info.
Thanks very much!

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