RARBG - torrent and magnet links

Adds a column with torrent and magnet links in lists

Adds a column with torrent and magnet links in RARBG lists:


  • (Initially most of the ML links could be generated from the page itself (i.e. from the filename of the thumbnail image that appeared when you mouseover on the torrent title, and that's because these filenames were the same as the relevant torrent hash) ).
  • Since 2/1/2019 that's no longer possible due to the site's latest HTML changes. So, from now on, the script generates all links via XHR:
    • Initially the DL/ML links will have as destination (href) a: javascript:void(0) (to avoid taking the user to the page top, which occurred if having # instead),
    • As you click a DL/ML icon, the relevant target page will be retrieved via XHR in the background (so, after clicking a DL/ML icon, it will now have the download/magnet URL). (thanks to sxe for the initial suggestion).
    • The icons tooltip will be: "DL/ML via XHR".
  • Since 4/27/2019 it uses the arrive.js library in order to work in TV Browser pages too.
  • Tampermonkey and Violentmonkey are supported - Greasemonkey, any version, is not supported (the script might work, but is not tested).

If you have any bugs, bug fixes or ideas, please report at my GitHub repo