redirect to HTTPS in some websites. keep hash. avoid infinite loops (Opera speed-up tip: save as bla.js instead of bla.user.js)

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  • v2014.11.17.1518 - FIX #358: OpenUserJS.org has still been blocking my licences for months… I didn’t notice. Continuing ☞ I’m really wondering again: Abandon or continue to adapt to GF and OUJS (#396). Previous fix (GPL-3.0+) 3161796570372feb4f48a4f71f4b2d8848d7e8dc did work but no more. Now GPL-3.0-or-later deb8c4b2081ac328d7403df2b401746a32b21b56 seems to be accepted.
  • v2014.11.17.1518 - update browser support
  • v2014.11.17.1518 - Synced from GitHub - Revert my too hasty changes after a false alert: - Putting back favourite “self” instead of less explicit “window” - Explicit “self” on location - No self on prompt Closes #218. More info at violentmonkey/violentmonkey-oex#45.
  • v2014.11.17.1518 - Synced from GitHub - Updating some `@changelog`, `@supportURL` and `@compatible` meta data.
  • v2014.11.17.1518 - Synced from GitHub - metadata
  • v2014.11.17.1518 - Synced from GitHub - @downloadURL and @updateURL fixed: //raw.githubusercontent.com → //github.com/…/raw/ @author normalised: PATATE12
  • v2014.11.17.1518 - Synced from GitHub - NEW. redirects to https without pushing http URL in you browser history
  • v2014.7.22.2057 - Synced from GitHub - <ninja> aligning metadata block keys - @icon with a cute kirby gif I animated long time ago (as suggested by ScitJav https://greasyfork.org/fr/forum/discussion/1692) - @version Chromium bug #1 - @since researched for all - @downloadURL/@updateURL explicit everywhere
  • v2014.7.22.2057 - Synced from GitHub - trying some metadata block features
  • v2013.0920.1920 - Imported from URL