WME Form Filler

Use info from WME to automatically fill out related forms

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Adds a button to open the USA Weather closures form, pre-filled, when a segment is selected. Pragmatically determines if submitter is reporting the closure or has already added it and fills out the form accordingly.

Directions for use

By default, the end date will be at midnight 3 days from today and the form will open in a new window (both can be changed); the road direction also defaults to Two-Way. Select at least one segment and a menu and button will be added to the top of the segment properties window. Added menu Select the form to use from the dropdown menu, and click the "Go to Form" button. If a closure is found on any of the selected segment(s), that info will be populated in to the form (reason, direction, and end date/time) and the type will be set to "CLOSED"; otherwise, the defaults will be used.

Changing defaults

Open the WME Form Filler tab Tab Image and enter the default reason and end date/time for closures you wish to report. If an active closure is not found in your selection, these defaults will be reported. If the end date/time is passed, the script will use midnight 3 days in the future. You can also change your preference of having the form open in a new window or tab via the checkbox.

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