J-WIDの作品データベース検索サービスへの自動接続で直リン(直接のリンク)が出来なる allow JASRAC direct links by auto-login

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  • v2021.3.26 2021-03-26 Allow script to run without user css in restricted pages SUPER TURBO Pages like /account/* and /admin/* prohibit user css Content-Security-Policy: style-src 'self' staticbrainz.org; Missing 'unsafe-inline' That crashed the script when trying to add the <style> to the <head> try {} is not appropriate (not working) for CSP. Fixes #531: SERVER_SWITCH not displayed in Profile edit page OTHER SCRIPTS Simply exclude CSP restricted pages from matches, Bump version, align metadata (#510) and drop mbsandbox.org
  • v2021.1.20.2099 2021-02-03 Metadata block clean-up (#510) - Use Web Archive for userscripts(-mirror).org for safety - Use same namespace and namespace everywhere
  • v2021.1.20.2099 2021-02-01 eslint recommended: first pass, CRLF→LF Redoing this whole replace now that I use Linux, First wave of custom eslint rules, Bump versions post ESLint clean-up, Merge branch 'eslint'
  • v2020.4.16 2020-04-16 Adapt to new J-WID Hopefully they only changed wording and removed trailing .jsp Closes #498, Compatibility update / metadata cleanup, Click default domain after loading completes (#498) Otherwise data is not fully available.
  • v2018.8.20 2018-09-27 FIX #358: OpenUserJS.org has still been blocking my licences for months… I didn’t notice. Continuing ☞ I’m really wondering again: Abandon or continue to adapt to GF and OUJS (#396). Previous fix (GPL-3.0+) 3161796570372feb4f48a4f71f4b2d8848d7e8dc did work but no more. Now GPL-3.0-or-later deb8c4b2081ac328d7403df2b401746a32b21b56 seems to be accepted.
  • v2018.8.20 2018-08-20 - Site code is stealing focus from title - Auto closing are acting strangely in non Opera, apparently, for me - Update browser support
  • v2017.6.16 2018-03-12 FIX #358: OUJS has not updated my scripts since 25/11/2017. A specific licence pattern is now required. Bumped only the versions more recent than 25/11/2017.
  • v2017.6.16 2017-12-04 update browser support
  • v2017.6.16 2017-06-16 FIX #322: DOMException: NO_MODIFICATION_ALLOWED_ERR Problem spotted on mb_COOL-ENTITY-LINKS, mb_INLINE-STUFF, mb_REVIVE-DELETED-EDITORS and mb_SUPER-MIND-CONTROL-II-X-TURBO Problem fixed by #331’s 578183b06ef3c359125f9db4785dee35805bd970 Now a deterministic code retrieves the newly added style sheet instead of crossing fingers. cdj_TURBO-DASH was not affected by the problem but I applied same global code.
  • v2016.5.17 2016-05-17 Synced from GitHub - Revert my too hasty changes after a false alert: - Putting back favourite “self” instead of less explicit “window” - Explicit “self” on location - No self on prompt Closes #218. More info at violentmonkey/violentmonkey-oex#45.
  • v2016.5.11 2016-05-11 Synced from GitHub - Global search replace “self” → “window”. It seems Opera v12.**18**.1272 no longer finds **self**. Might be a better fix to than only self.getComputedStyle (fbbb86978292865a00bec860d709aef1c20dedd6). Initially spotted in #209, #210, #211, and #212.
  • v2016.3.30 2016-04-04 Synced from GitHub - Focus search form title field on load - remove useless nested sandbox - metadata cleanup
  • v2015.7.9.1705 2015-07-09 Synced from GitHub - cleanup - highlight current row. use regular latin characters, etc.
  • v2014.4.23.1807 2015-04-10 Synced from GitHub - @downloadURL and @updateURL fixed: //raw.githubusercontent.com → //github.com/…/raw/ @author normalised: PATATE12
  • v2014.4.23.1807 2014-11-13 Synced from GitHub - &lt;ninja&gt; aligning metadata block keys - @icon with a cute kirby gif I animated long time ago (as suggested by ScitJav https://greasyfork.org/fr/forum/discussion/1692) - @version Chromium bug #1 - @since researched for all - @downloadURL/@updateURL explicit everywhere
  • v2014.0423.1807 2014-06-10 Imported from URL