JR Mturk Panda Crazy Helper

A script add on for Panda Crazy sending commands to main script.

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This script is no longer supported. You should install the chrome extension instead: Chrome Webstore

Read the documentation for the extension at the wiki: https://github.com/JohnnyRS/PandaCrazy-Max/wiki

An Add On script for Mturk Panda Crazy Script which shows buttons on mturk hit and search page for easy panda additions.

It will only run if you have the panda script running at the same time in the same browser.

  • Version 0.3.15 = A problem where it picks up a quote url instead of the hit url should now be fixed in forums.

I created this script because it has to run on many pages so keeping the script small speeds everything up. The main panda script is huge and could slow things down. This is still a beta version so it may not work perfectly.

The script will add buttons on search pages and hit pages to add pandas to the Panda Crazy script easily. You will see two buttons for each hit which you can add a panda for a batch or set up a panda to collect once. The once button is used for surveys where you can't do more than one. It will also send the number of hits in your queue if you go to your queue page. In the future it will be able to send more information when I think of them.

  • Version 0.3.14 = A problem where it picks up a quote url instead of the hit url should now be fixed in forums.
  • Version 0.3.13 = Should add buttons on the new format for mturkcrowd.com
  • Version 0.3.12 = Now will work with the new format for hitnotifier.com.
  • Version 0.3.11 = Fixed a few bugs when parsing hit formats so it should now display buttons on forums and hitnotifier more consistently. Took out turkernation due to them moving to slack and already have a script that works there so don't need to be redundant.
  • Version 0.3.10 = Changed turkerhub to turkerview so buttons will work now.
  • Version 0.3.9 = Should show buttons at the top of the hit page now after mturk changed things. The buttons may not stay on the first line if the title is long.
  • Version 0.3.8 = Fixes script so it can find the hit data again after mturk changed things for no reason.
  • Version 0.3.7 = There was a memory problem when I tried to allow buttons on the no hit found page when clicked on finder scripts. The problem was there in forums too but it showed itself with finder pages because of all the added links during the day. Now I have it add one click event to the page which allows it to handle any links and won't need to observe page changes anymore. When clicking on buttons on the no hit page it can pass more information to PC. Should be working better with hitnotifier. Other variable undeclared errors have been fixed.
  • Version 0.3.6 = Works with more formats of exported hits in forums. Works on the new mturkforum. Should add buttons if hit is unavailable when a hit link is clicked in hitforker, hitscraper or overwatch. Should add buttons a bit faster on forums. Fixes some links that were using old json links.
  • Version 0.3.5 = Fixes some format issues when adding buttons to forums. Will now add buttons to hitnotifier.com. Adds buttons to your queue as well. Adds buttons on some pages which got changed and caused it to fail. Will now send earnings to Panda Crazy if MTS extension is installed. Passes the pay amount to Panda Crazy when clicking on a button on the forums.
  • Version 0.3.4 = It should add buttons on more hit exports on forums without getting stuck on some that had links to old site. Added search button on the mturk pages with the other 2 buttons.
  • Version 0.3.3 = More forums will have buttons: mturkforum.com, turkernation.com. I also have buttons added on the no hits page but only from any forums including reddit and of course worker.mturk.com itself. Fixed a bug where it wouldn't place buttons when there was a false no hit error at the top.
  • Version 0.3.2 = Fixed a bug where it wouldn't show buttons when a requester ID is not found or got changed on mturk.
  • Version 0.3.1 = Fixed a few bugs with adding buttons on forums which got stuck on weird exported hits. Added the ability to detect live messages on the forums and add buttons to the new messages.
  • Version 0.3.0 = Now will place buttons on two specific forums: mturkcrowd.com and turkerhub.com. There is also a search button added in the forums to easy add a search job. Bug fixes to make sure buttons are shown even if an false error box is displayed at top. Changes all links on www.mturk.com so you can stay on the old site if you want to. Adds a link to your Hit's Queue on pages where it is missing on the new worker site.
  • Version 0.2.9 = Now should run on worker.mturk.com. It will show buttons on the preview page and the work page. The buttons on the hit list page is in the details section because of lack of space. Either click on the hit to show the details or click on the show details link at top to show all details for all hits.
  • Version 0.2.8 = Small fix to keep it grabbing Projected Earnings from MTS with the new change.
  • Version 0.2.7 = Added support for grabbing Pending Earnings from Mturk Suite. Should now recognize requester name and groupid even when other scripts add links or TO information to these elements.
  • Version 0.2.6 = Fixed buttons so it wouldn't submit when enter key pressed in a form.
  • Version 0.2.5 = Moves the add buttons below the timer so it doesn't move the iframe.
  • Version 0.2.4 = The script wasn't working on sortsearchbar page but now it is fixed. If Panda Crazy gets updated to 0.3.7 it will cause problems with missing messages because of the new message system. This is fixed in this version so it only stops when it gets the correct message from Panda Crazy.
  • Version 0.2.3 = Works with all the projected earnings script that I could find. It now works without having to refresh the dashboard.
  • Version 0.2.2 = Sends Projected Earnings to main script if you have a script for calculating your projected earnings on your dashboard.
  • Version 0.2.1 = Small change.
  • Version 0.2.0 = Born date.