Travian wave builder

Wave builder for Travian Legends and Travian Codex Victoria

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v1.6
  • v1.5 - Added option to send scout attacks, Fix bug when attacking own villages, No wrap text for multiple waves cell
  • v1.4 - Added option to add multiple attacks, Added translation support for Italian, French, Hungarian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian
  • v1.3 - Major update, Firefox Quantum 57.0 with Greasemonkey 4.0 compatibility
  • v1.2 - Minor improvements
  • v1.1
  • v1.0 - Fixed include pages to include domains as,,, etc., minor fixes
  • v0.9 - Compatibility with Microsoft Edge browser, avoid popup when creating waves if the crop has negative value
  • v0.8 - fixed remove
  • v0.7 - updated script url, fixed include pages
  • v0.6 - added moveWaveUp and moveWaveDown functionality, removed some old travian 3.6 checks
  • v0.5