Andrew's Facebook Cleaner

Purge and/or Hide all your activity on Facebook to date.

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A userscript that allows people to quickly clean their Facebook account. The ability to Purge and/or Hide activity (posts, photos, videos, votes, likes, tags, mentions) older than a set amount of days is offered.

Note: due to the nature of this script (irreversible deletion), tread accordingly.

- Activates all years and months before proceeding to ensure it doesn't miss any activity
- Ability to limit purging/hiding to activity items older than X days
- Purging - very thorough, will remove even tags/mentions. Will not unfriend anyone or tamper with your relationships.
- Hiding - will hide all hideable activity items.
- Other userscripts mark posts as spam in an attempt to hide/remove them. The Hide feature in this userscript will unmark them as spam (and hide them).
- Code is fully available for scrutiny/review.

To Use:
1. Install Tamper Monkey (Chrome) or Greasemonkey (Firefox). Then install the userscript from Greasy Fork:
2. Log into Facebook, then go to your Activity Log. You should see two buttons at the top of the page, where you can delete/hide activity items older than a set amount (days).
3. If you want to limit it to process certain post types (e.g. your own posts), while in the Activity Log section, click on "Your Posts", "Photos", "Likes", "Posts You're Tagged In", and so on.

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