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Posted: 2019-05-28
Edited: 2019-05-28

Another way to detect the stream url

I found another way to get the stream url: When a src tag is set on a media element, that element triggers a "durationchange" event, and that line of code changes the video src attribute:


So instead of parsing the dom to find the div that contains a part of the url, you can just wait for the video src to be changed. To do so you can replace your onready function by that:

function onready(fn){
    if(typeof fn === "function"){
        var timer = setInterval(function(){
          if(typeof jQuery === "function" && jQuery.isReady === true){
               //clear first to prevent repeat on script error inside callback

and your timer:

 var streamurl_tmr = setInterval(function(){


 $('video.vjs-tech').one('durationchange', function(e){
     //you get the full url
    var streamurl_url =;
    $('#realdl a').attr('href', streamurl_url);
    $('#steamcopy').text( streamurl_url );
//does all the work
Posted: 2019-05-31

But does not work on links that are not videos.

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