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Posted: 2018-04-14

not compatible with Greasemonkey 4+

when I asked why this and another scripts are not working with Greasemonkey I got this answer Generally you can't expect the authors of GM to answer why various scripts doesn't work. You need to contact the script developers to look at that. But GM4 introduced a new API which is not backwards compatible with the old one. I immediately see the first script you link to uses the old API and haven't been updated to support both APIs. You can't use GM4+ for scripts that requires the old API. Either you will have to use Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey to run them, or you should contact the script developer and ask if he can update the scripts:. See more: is it possible to update the script for Greasemonkey too ?

Posted: 2018-04-21

This script works in Chrome with TamperMonkey, and also in Firefox with GreaseMonkey 3.17. The problem is only with GM4+, so the problem is only of them. In fact this script does not use any specific function of the GM API, neither the old synchronous nor the new asynchronous. But this script uses the 'DOMContentLoaded' event that GM developers have decided not to implement in its new version.

The answers of @Sxderp —GM's developer— to this problem were:

  • «I don't think it can guarantee that a script executes at document start». See this.
  • «You probably want [Greasemonkey] 3.17», and
  • «The most likely problem is that the 'DOMContentLoaded' event is fired before the script is run. Now before you come back and say @run-at document-start is set, that directive isn't fully supported at the moment. Due to the very asynchronous nature of WebExtensions there's little guarantee on when something will be executed. When FF59 rolls around we'll have # 2663 which will help. It'll actually help a lot of things, debugging too.» See this.

So GM4+ is not fully implemented at the moment. The issue is still opened.

Then, for the moment, my answer is to use a fully functional software: use Tampermonkey.

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