Thimbleweed Park™ Blog fixes

Fixes time format and timezone; Highlights new comments since last visit; Pre-fills comment input form; User settings can be changed via menu command

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v0.20 - Added import/export functionality.
  • v0.19 - Removed countdown for now; Gracefully handle NaN values
  • v0.18 - Added release countdown from Zak Phoenix McKracken (yes, in Italian).
  • v0.17 - Added fix for width of textboxes in narrow browser windows.
  • v0.16 - Added possibility to mark comments of all new blog posts as read
  • v0.15 - Also process blog posts on main page and show count of new comments
  • v0.14 - Added UI for user settings which can be accessed via menu command; Added possibility to always open reply links in new tab
  • v0.11 - archive list: highlight header if there are new comments; parse year from comment timestamps
  • v0.10 - scroll to anchors with a scroll offset
  • v0.9 - pre-fill comment form with user name, email and website if set
  • v0.8 - archive list improvements: set links to blog posts and added comment counts to archive list header
  • v0.7 - improved handling of invalid dates; added special case when guessing year of leap days
  • v0.6 - Fixed missing dates on Archive List page
  • v0.5 - User settings can be saved now; also show new comments on Archive List
  • v0.4 - Fixed margin and...
  • v0.3 - Right align indicators; Display time formats localised
  • v0.2 - Improved detecting new comments
  • v0.1