CnC TA: Crucial Pack All in One by DebitoSphere

Contains every crucial script that is fully functional and updated constantly.

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EMERGENCY UPDATE REQUIRED Do NOT USE the "Install this script?" BUTTON ABOVE. It's an older version due to greasyfork's limitation on script size. This script has now outgrown this site.

Players are experiencing script errors when using this script because the updater is not functioning properly thanks to my old Web Hosting service suspending my account. I am in the middle of transferring all data to my own dedicated server where this issue will not happen again.

Please bookmark the following link and check it regularly until the updater is fully functional again.

Sorry for the issues this has caused.

Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances: Crucial Pack All in One for Firefox and Chrome

Crucial Packs 1-4 have been around for six months and are used by over 2500 players via word of mouth. They have been enjoying a steady flow of updates to the scripts to counter script errors using a unique Update script I designed to help notify the player and keep their script pack up to date.

Traditional All in One user script packs are not customizable so you can not just turn off a script that you don't find useful until now. Simply install the script and visit the Tiberium Alliances homepage to access the Crucial Pack Script Settings Window to make a choice of which scripts you would like to use. All the scripts included in the previous Crucial Packs are activated by default with the TACS simulator chosen.

I am not the author of most of the scripts contained within this collection of scripts but I do make sure everyone knows who contributed to each scripts development by clicking the info button next to the check-box for each script in the settings window.

All user scripts require that you have the GreaseMonkey(Firefox) or TamperMonkey(Chrome) installed prior to installing the script.

All newly added scripts are disabled by default. Visit the Settings Window to enable all new scripts.

Having problems installing due to Chrome's third-party user script policy?
Try this link here to fix that issue.