Greasy Fork

Shined up real nice. Collection Importer

Adds buttons to various sites to export your game lists to ITAD

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v0.1b18 - Fix FireFlower Games wishlist import and add library import
  • v0.1b17 - Regenerate built files Fixes #28
  • v0.1b16 - Synced from GitHub - Also show button if user middle-clicks a tab in Groupees and adds # to URL
  • v0.1b15 - Synced from GitHub - Bump version number to ensure updates get distributed
  • v0.1b14 - Synced from GitHub - Compensate for pickier Greasemonkey userscript header-finding
  • v0.1b14 - Synced from GitHub - Update to match changes with GOG "Order Complete" page
  • v0.1b13 - Synced from GitHub - Fix glitches from adding ITAD to "Share" dropdown
  • v0.1b13 - Synced from GitHub - Remove spurious period which slipped through testing and broke the script
  • v0.1b12 - Synced from GitHub - Fix display on FlyingBundle when using a URL without "www."
  • v0.1b11 - Synced from GitHub - Update userscript metadata to enhance GreasyFork listing page
  • v0.1b10 - Imported from URL