General Magnet Link Cleaner

Reduces magnet links to their HASH source

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v3.5 2016-01-30 Added the HTTPS proxy of KAT (kickass.unblocked.*) since KAT likes to block total IP access from their site.
  • v3.0 2015-12-05 Reverted back to old name scheme.
  • v2.8 2015-12-05 Minor fix
  • v2.7 2015-12-05 Added new showrss domain, (, for showrss migrated accounts
  • v2.6 2015-12-05 Minor fix to YTS domain
  • v2.5 2015-12-05 Added showrss domain | Updated ThePirateBay domain list, and changed eztv, rarbg, and kat to original domain to shorten compatible URL list
  • v2.2a 2015-11-10 Corrected KAT magnet
  • v2.1c 2015-11-09 Corrected tiny mistake in domain name
  • v2.1b 2015-11-09 Minor update
  • v2.0 2015-11-09 Added YTS (YIFY domain - back since it's run by the same people, corrected rarbg domain
  • v1.1 2015-11-07 Updated kat URL listing from kat.* to (please use that one), Updated rarbg URL listing from rarbg.* to (official site), Updated eztv URL listing from eztv.* to (if you use eztv after the hijack, for me it still works with magnet links)
  • v1.0 2015-11-07 Removed YTS (YIFY) as the site is down (permanently)
  • v0.03 2015-10-15 Added
  • v0.02a 2015-10-15 Removed ThePirateBay until I can get a list of all proxies
  • v0.01 2015-10-14