Wikitube - YouTube on Wikipedia & Wikiwand

Adds relevant YouTube videos to Wikipedia and Wikiwand.

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Adds relevant YouTube videos to Wikipedia. Simple.
(See screenshots at bottom)
Press the large black '+' button (on red background, right-side) to load more relevant videos in the scrollable frame block.
[ first screenshot - WikiTube working on Wikipedia ]
[ second screenshot - WikiTube working on WikiWand - try WikiWand (a Wikipedia beautifier) easily using my Wikipedia 2 Wikiwand script ]

This script is a modified userscript version of the Wikitube addon, based on Mark Dunne's original work, so that it:
- doesn't require any addon installation to run on Wikipedia, works instantly
- compatible with the Wikiwand addon when installed

Wikipedia 2 Wikiwand
Another script I wrote for an easy way to try out and view Wikiwand which displays a clean and modernized version of Wikipedia.

Wikitube chrome addon (original addon - for extra information):

Wikiwand chrome addon (original addon - Wikipedia beautifier):

*About Wikitube:

Completely unobtrusive, easy to use, WikiTube adds a new dimension to Wikipedia. WikiTube makes Wikipedia both more fun and informative.

*description from addon page

*About Wikiwand:

Wikiwand is a new award-winning interface that optimizes Wikipedia's amazing content for a quicker and significantly improved reading experience!

► New clean layout for optimal readability
► Great modern typography
► Convenient fixed table-of-contents
► Quick preview when hovering over links
► Multi-language search with thumbnails
► Beautiful, immersive cover photos
► Larger photos and better media gallery
► Easy article narration and audio playback
► Color, font and layout personalization
► Dozens of other improvements

Q: How do I use Wikiwand?
A: Just install our light extension and keep using Wikipedia as usual. The Wikiwand interface will automatically appear every time you visit a Wikipedia article.

Q: How does it work?
A: It's simple. The extension replaces links to Wikipedia articles with links to the same article on Wikiwand.

Q: Can I still read the original article on Wikipedia?
A: Of course! Click the "Wikiwand" logo, then "Read on Wikipedia"

*description from addon page