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Very simple script to conveniently see how many points a team gives up

Bijan Albuyeh
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Some of you may have used the script I made last year. It was a very simple tool that added ranks next to your players info when you were looking at your matchup.

What does this script do?

Here is a screenshot of what the script changes. It also works on other pages that may be of use.

Defensive Players:

To save time and to load quickly, this script pulls all the ranks at most once per day. After it is run, it saves the ranks. Currently I have this set up to only fetch the ranks for the QB, WR, RB, TE, DEF, and K positions (no defensive players). The reason for this is because these positions are the most important and it keeps the page load times to a minimum. A lot of leagues don't even have Defensive players. If you would really want a version that has defensive players, let me know and I'll quickly send you a custom version.

~~The script currently only works on the matchup pages.~~ Script should provide stats on more pages now, not just Matchup pages


You can download the script from Here. If for some reason that link does not work, you can download it directly from my Website.

It is a userscript so install it on top of Greasemonkey if you have FF or Tampermonkey if you have Chrome.


If there is anything wrong with this script or you have some suggestions, feel free to let me know.