mozillaZine Forums - insert titles to bug links

Inserts titles to bug links that are plain URLs, in

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v2017.11.16 2020-06-25 (all scripts) Added @supportURL pointing to the GitHub repo (thanks to Jason Barnabe for the suggestion)
  • v2017.11.16 2018-05-20 (All scripts) Rearranged the metadata block
  • v2017.11.16 2017-11-17 Greasemonkey 4.0 compatibility
  • v2016.11.25 2017-11-12 Added '@licence MIT' (required by OUJS, in order to allow import and autoupdate of scripts from GitHub)
  • v2016.11.25 2016-11-25 Synced from GitHub - (mozillaZine Forums - insert titles to bug links) Added support for when the examined bug requires authorization.
  • v2.0.2 2016-10-02 Synced from GitHub - (mozillaZine Forums - insert titles to bug links) fixed a regex
  • v2.0.2 2016-09-17 Synced from GitHub - Converted all scripts encoding from UTF-8 back to UTF-8 BOM (i.e. with the same encoding that Greasemonkey installs them in)
  • v2.0.2 2016-09-11 Synced from GitHub - Now it also parses bug URLs that contain fragment identifiers, e.g., and retains them after inserting titles to bug URLs
  • v2.0.1 2016-08-19 Synced from GitHub - Fixed whitespace - (mozillaZine Forums - insert titles to bug links) Fixed the regex to maintain any existing text after a title is inserted to the link. Also fixed the code to remove the spinning icon after the title insertion.
  • v2 2016-08-17 Imported from URL
  • v1.2 2016-08-13 Imported from URL
  • v1.2 2016-08-12 Imported from URL
  • v1.2 2015-10-09
  • v1.2 2015-09-05 Now it also parses links with titles "Bug xxxxxxxxx"
  • v1.1 2015-09-04
  • v1.1 2015-09-02 Now, a spinning icon appears at the end of each bug link during the title request procedure.
  • v1 2015-08-30