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Posted: 2019-02-06

Request regarding official toplists

Hi, thanks for your amazing script! I use it everyday and it makes a huge difference to me :smile: I was wondering if you could add the option to subtract IMDb toplists from the # of official toplists – similar to how you can filter them from the progress page. This would give a "cleaner" result e.g. when browsing unchecked films by # of official toplists. I also understand it might be too difficult to filter, but the IMDb lists don’t add any value to the site and it would be nice to be completely rid of them. Best, t

Posted: 2021-04-08

Unfortunately this is beyond what a userscript can do. Pages like /movies/unchecked/ sort the whole ICM movie database by # of official toplists on the server first and then serve it to you one page at a time. A userscript cannot possibly do the same without having access to the db, all it can do is modify the page you're on or fetch some other pages.

And as you can imagine fetching 32k pages of movies and then 32k more to get list data for each is unfeasible. The most that it can do is track IMDb lists and subtract them from the numbers of official toplists, but that would be of limited use since you won't be able to sort the db by that modified number anyway.

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