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Posted: 2015-12-06
Edited: 2015-12-06
Mini Clock : Nice idea.. :some requests

It's possible to display it at the bottom ?
I tested an usertyles for that , but some time set these values to :
bottom: 0;
top: 98% ;
is not enough and push the clock outside the visible area of the page,
seems depend of the height of the page..

Another request:
How to have just the "Hour:mn:sec" without Date and GMt stuff ?
I can hide that by CSS with clip but ....

Last idea:
Display an Clock icon at first.

One click on it, display a small clock:
font: 10pt normal sans-serif;

if we click one more on, it display it bigger :
font: 20pt normal sans-serif;
Posted: 2015-12-09
Dear decembre,
thank You for your post.

To display at bottom #us_MiniClock{top:unset!important;bottom:0px!important;} will do the trick in userstyles. I'll consider to implement an option in the context menu.

About another request: Sorry, I don't understand. What stuff without what stuff? And what exactly is to hide?

About the icon I'm not sure, what good it could do and where to place it. I need some explanation here.

Posted: 2015-12-09
Edited: 2015-12-10
Mini Clock requires CSS to display properly. Some file type disable CSS. To detect this, Mini Clock simply checks, if it is at the top. If not, it will stop running. (See line 82 in current source)
Therefore the userstile mentioned earlier will only work, if applied after initialization.


Edit: Recent version of Firefox seem to enable CSS all the time.
Posted: 2015-12-09
Thanks for your answer "gnlizz"

Sorry for my english ... i am french and it's difficult sometime to explain my idea .
Maybe that's the same in french ;-)

Here the result i want see:
without year (i know it..) and the GMT info ..:

Test i made by Userstyles:
Here in small

Here bigger:

Quick Idea of an clock icon :

the idea:
Only an icon in first .
If i need , i can click on the icon one or two time to display the time at the size i need ...

Or just hover (my usertsyle s do just that) to ckeck the hour...

For the position , i am not certain to understand :
their are no way to find the current size of a windows with javascript and put the info at the bottom or top ?
Posted: 2015-12-10
Edited: 2015-12-10
bon jour,
mon decembre
Désolé, je ne suis pas bon en français.
And I struggle with English also.

The important first
go to the source file, line number 82 and change
if(0 && miniClockData.div.offsetTop) { /*check for unsupported file (such as .css) */
if(0) {
Now you can apply any userstyle.

The icon
Implementing this into Mini Clock wouldn't be hard, but I still don't like it. Including an user interface and not really necessary features would make the Mini in the name questionable.

Since stylish is already installed, how about a few simple styles, containing only the font size. That way you are able to apply a different style when you need it, using the user interface of stylish.
Mini Clock is public domain. That means, You are totally allowed to use it for your own scripts in any way You can think of (even redistribute it). However, it would be nice if You'll mention the source there.

Where do the seconds come from?
I used a simple timer, it should not be able to count seconds smoothly.
Increasing the interval rate is not a good idea, due to performance reasons.

Please don't call me lizz

Now I'm tired.

à bientôt
Posted: 2015-12-11
Edited: 2015-12-11
"Please don't call me lizz ..."

Where do the seconds come from?
That's come from your script only.

About write a script:
that's not in my possibility :Too hard for my old head .
Posted: 2015-12-11
Edited: 2015-12-11
Dear decembre,
Thank You for your response.

Where do the seconds come from?
In earlier version I used a locale depended function to build the string. This should be fixed by now.

font sizes
Sorry, denied. It will definitely not come from me. I thought about the hover thing to make the digits bigger, while under the mouse pointer, but this would irritate to much. The defaults are in line 54 of the current script an can changed directly there, if stylish is not available. This can get lost with each update thou.

show at bottom
I will implement the bottom feature. But don't expect it before January.

Posted: 2015-12-11

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