Turkmaster (Mturk)

A fork of DonovanM's Turkmaster, now with watcher groups and other new features. A page-monitoring web app for Mturk (Mechanical Turk) designed to make turking more efficient. Easily monitor mturk search pages and requesters and Auto-Accept the HITs you missed.

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Important If you are currently using any version of Turkmaster, read the notice below before installing this script.

This is a fork (a version) of the fantastic Turkmaster (Mturk) script by DonovanM. If you are not already familiar with it, take a look here.

v1.3.4c, the base new version, adds the following:

  • Groups: Optionally set a group name, which can contain numbers, letters, hyphens, etc, for each watcher. On a per-watcher basis, there are options to start/stop with the specified group, and stop the group when the watcher catches a HIT. For example, if you have several PANDAs for different Wu HITs that are each tagged with the group name "Wu", setting the "stop group on accept" option will cause all watchers in the "Wu" group to stop when one is caught (since you can only do one Wu at a time.)

  • Deselect all: Click this option on the Settings panel to deselect all watchers (remove the blue fill from the checkbox under the pause symbol on each one).

  • Added & last found dates: In Turkmaster, when hovering your mouse over the last checked time in the lower-right corner of each watcher, a tooltip will popup and show you the full date and time of the last check. This version adds the date the watcher was added (for any watchers added after installation of this version), and the last time the watcher found anything.

  • Force Turkmaster URL: When this option on the Settings panel is enabled, you must add ?turkmaster to the dashboard URL in order for Turkmaster to run. i.e. the URL must be https://www.mturk.com/mturk/dashboard?turkmaster

  • Show Other Page: This will take the URL you specify for this option on the Settings panel and use it in place of having the MTurk dashboard appear in the page next to Turkmaster. This works best when used in conjunction with Force Turkmaster URL, so that you can still open the MTurk dashboard. For example, I have the MTurk dashboard open in a window in Chrome for use with HIT DataBase, and Turkmaster open in Firefox, so I don't need to have the dashboard open twice. Therefore I put the URL for UserTesting in this option and have that appear next to Turkmaster instead. See screenshots below for an example.

  • Probably other little code changes here and there I forgot about, but which don't really affect the user experience.

v1.3.4d adds the following:

  • Stop upon encountering captcha: New toggle option in Settings panel, stops an auto-accept HIT (PANDA) if a Captcha is encountered while retrieving it.

v1.3.4e adds the following:

  • Start/Stop all non-HIT (PANDA) watchers: These items under the Settings menu let you quickly start and stop all non-HIT watchers - that is, all the green and blue ones. You might want to quickly stop everything except PANDAs if a good HIT group just popped up, for example. Thanks to TSolo315 on MTG for the idea!

NOTICE: In order for this script to utilize your existing watchers and settings, it has to use the same script name as the original Turkmaster. That means it will overwrite the Turkmaster script on your system. You will be unable to return to the original version of Turkmaster without reverting to a backup of your watchers/settings data. It is strongly recommended that you use the Backup option on the Settings panel of Turkmaster prior to installing this version of the script, so that you can easily return to the original Turkmaster if you decide to do so.


This screenshot is intended to show the group functionality (notice that the group names appear in parentheses before the watcher names). You can also see the "Use other URL" functionality with the UserTesting page next to Turkmaster. Screenshot 1

This screenshot shows the additional options in the Settings panel. Screenshot 2

This screenshot shows the modified Add Watcher screen. Requesters and Searches have the new "Group Name" field. For PANDAs, there are also new options "Stop group on accept" and "Start/stop with group". Screenshot 3