WK Language Point Connector Cards

Adds a section to your Dashboard to play Language Point Connctions fridge magnet poetry.

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Based on this Kiochi Language Learning Tip Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTlAy_gkyCc

Selects a random set of language points and shows them as small cards.

Double click to delete a card, Drag to reorder. Drag items between lists.

It won't make any connections for you, you have to do that yourself, that's the point of the exercise.

It has a small set of language points by default and you can used the links to add your own as comma separated lists. These will be saved to your local jStorage.

There is an arbitrary limit of 12 items. You can change that in the source if you want, but if the items wrap to two or more lines they overlap right now.

0.0.6+ Adds a save button for the current item set, this save is temporary and is not persistent over sessions. Items can be dragged about within their set but not between sets. Save as many sets as you want, maybe one set of nouns and another of particles... whatever takes your fancy.

0.0.9 - The colours stay consistent. Particles are always blue, Nouns are always greet and so on. There is a [c] link on each set that allows you to copy the text of that set. the drag drop makes it so you can't select the text in the regular way so the [c] link opens a text box with the contents of your set in so you can use Ctrl-c.

0.0.10+ Drag cards between sets.

0.0.11+ Drag cards back into an emptied set.