AO3: Fic's Style, Blacklist, Bookmarks

Change font, size, width, background... of a work + blacklist: hide works that contain certains tags, have too many fandoms/relations/chapters/words and other options + fullscreen reading mode + bookmarks: save the position you stopped reading a fic + number of words for each chapter and estimated reading time

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AO3: Fic's Style, Blacklist, Bookmarks


  • Styling
  • Bookmarks / Full Screen
  • Blacklist
  • Words per minute
    • The estimated reading time for the entire fanfiction and each chapter is calculated based on the number you set for it (default is 250; put 0 (zero) to disable it).
  • (Disabling the features doesn't erase the values saved previously)


  • Text is justified.
  • Empty paragraphs and multiple line breaks are hidden.
  • You can change different options of the styling of the text: font, background and text color, text size, margins of the page, spacing between lines (see image above).
  • The menu where you can change the values only appear on the fanfiction page at the bottom right of the window (as ☰, click on it to open). It will change the styling when you click on save (default/ao3 font is 'inherit'). Your preferences will be applied on all fanfictions.

Bookmarks / Full Screen

  • You can save the reading position for later.
  • To create a new bookmark, you first have to open the Full Screen.
  • To continue reading from a bookmark, click on the fanfiction's title in the Bookmarks menu on top, then on "Go to Bookmark".
  • Symbols (in Full Screen):
    + : set new bookmark
    x : delete bookmark
  • Important: The bookmarks are the position of the scrollbar when you click the "+" on the bottom left. They are saved in percent so if you change the styling they won't be totally wrong. But if you set a bookmark on the "entire work" of a still ongoing fanfiction, it's going to be saved in pixels, because if a new chapter is added the percent is going to be totally wrong, but the bookmark is going to be wrong in pixels if you change the styling. so, advice: save the bookmark on chapters not on the entire work of a ongoing fanfiction.
  • In Full Screen summaries and notes are hidden, to read them just hover on them with the mouse.


  • The Blacklist appears only on pages that contain a list of fanfictions.
  • You can completely hide blacklisted works or show the reasons why they're blacklisted.
  • You can pause the blacklist.
  • When searching you can hide works that contain certain tags (ratings, warnings, completion status, relationships, characters, fandoms, freeforms, bookmarker's tags) and authors that match your rules.
  • Use a comma to separate the different rules.
    Example: drabble, gun violence, explicit, work in progress
  • Use * for wildcards. Example:
    *fluff* (tags containing 'fluff')
    *fluff (tags ending with 'fluff')
    fluff* (tags starting with 'fluff')
    *magic* au (tags starting with whatever, containing 'magic' in the middle and ending with a white space plus 'au')
    and every other combination
  • Use && to hide works that contains a pair of words, it will match any tag that contains at least the pair.
    Example: potter&&tom riddle, original*character&&/, child&&abuse
    (it can be used only once in the same tag, one&&two&&three or more won't work)
  • Use &! to hide works with romantic relationships that include only one person of your favourite ship.
    Example: harry potter&!draco malfoy (it hides all works that contain these two characters in other romantic relationships)
  • Use @ to hide all works from an author. Example:
  • You can hide works that have too many relationships, fandoms, chapters, incompleted works that have been last updated some months ago and/or that have too few or too many words (in thousands, so if you put "5" it refers to 5k words). To disable the options put 0 (zero) or leave them empty.
  • You can hide works that aren't in your specified languages. To disable the option leave it empty.
♡ Please feel free to suggest new features and report bugs
Script tested on Chrome 89 (with Tampermonkey) and Firefox 86 (with Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey)