Cellcraft.io & Agma.io Bots 2022 was reported 2023-01-16 as an unauthorized copy of [Old] Cellcraft.io & Agma.io Bots 2022.

[Old] Cellcraft.io & Agma.io Bots 2022 does not specify a license, which means distributing copies is not allowed unless explicit permission is given.

The reporter said:

I originally wrote a script that I deleted in greasyfork due to me not working on the script anymore. This person re-uploaded the deleted script without my permission, and as seen in the code, didnt even change the author of it, which is me, I created a new script so others can install that rather than unauthorized copies of it.

Script License Created Updated
Reported Cellcraft.io & Agma.io Bots 2022 N/A 2022-05-10 02:57:27 UTC 2022-05-10 03:07:17 UTC
Original [Old] Cellcraft.io & Agma.io Bots 2022 N/A 2023-01-16 21:06:16 UTC 2023-01-16 21:06:16 UTC

asdcua (the reported user) has made:

This report has been upheld by a moderator.