Voxiom.IO nice cheat was reported 2023-01-16 for Missing, non-informative, or misleading description

The reporter said:

You didn't present any proofs. The original script was created earlier than your one, you can try to create an appeal, if you can convince the moderator to save your script as it is, then I'll stop reporting. So, I still will continue to block any duplicate scripts if you won't present any proof that can be verified (checked), to make sure you are not lying.

Unauthorized copy of Voxiom.IO nice cheat.

Master123-masterBanned said:
i developed this script. completely like the original. it's not a copy. I'm tired of the idiot users of greasyfork because I can't share a bitch script because of them! GreasyFork is a horrible script-sharing site because of idiotic users.

Master123-masterBanned (the reported user) has made:

This report has been upheld by a moderator.