Public Revival Mod (deobfuscated) was reported 2022-07-14 as an unauthorized copy of Public Revival Mod (deobfuscated).

Public Revival Mod (deobfuscated) does not specify a license, which means distributing copies is not allowed unless explicit permission is given.

The reporter said:

Already posted on Greasyfork

Script License Created Updated
Reported Public Revival Mod (deobfuscated) N/A 2022-07-13 11:53:28 UTC 2022-07-13 11:53:28 UTC
Original Public Revival Mod (deobfuscated) N/A 2021-02-23 14:51:24 UTC 2021-02-23 14:51:24 UTC

張書珩 (the reported user) has made:

This report has been upheld by a moderator.