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script on membership page not working anymore

About: Corrected Coords [Preview]

Stats not available on membership page anymore.
It was working yesterday.
Any idea how to fix that ?


  • not only the stats are not available, I can not get any solution anymore.
    If I select to get the solution with the click on the green marker with the white 'ok'
    , the result is the "something went wrong while retrieving coordinates" message and the pink color

    Is this a problem with the API of groundspeak or a problem of the server that is hosting the database ?

  • The same , "something went wrong while retrieving coordinates" message and the pink color. Any idea when this wil be fixed.?

  • I do not know, I would be able to help, but I need access to the server

  • uploading new coordinates also no longer works

  • edited March 30 Firefox

    the only function that is returning true and false is ASKING, if a solution is available.

    Now Barney's programming guy is needed for further investigations !

    Everything that needs a token from geocaching website is not working !

    database contents so far:

    caches 337910
    users 1614
    requested 483306

  • update: even c:geo and other apps seem to have problem with access to the website

    look here for c:geo info:

  • I just found your blog and I am so enjoying it.

  • Oh fortunately, I am not the only one who does not get any resolved coordinates (message: "Something went wrong while updating coordinate").

  • does anybody know when it will work again? any news?

  • all data send to the following URL:
    with parameters AND the token result in an error :
    'connection to failed'

  • edited April 16 Firefox

    number of solutions is going up
    System is up and running again !

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