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Getting attacked without warning

About: The West Duel Warner

Hey i don't know if anybody ready this... But it happened now 3 times that a player could attack me without any warning. So i ask myself if there is any problem with the script or if that player found a way to avoid the warnings ?


  • Hi Thierry,
    There could be multiple reasons for this:

    • The opponent who attacked is a Dueller (character class). They don't need to move to your position to attack you, see:
    • On your world, there are many active players attackable for you. If the Duel overview has more than 10 pages on your account and you move to a position far away some players might be missed. There would be a warning message in the script's settings screen if that was the case.
    • Since I assume you get warnings for other players but just not for one, I don't think this is the case but I still want to mention it: you need to either allow notifications and or / sound on the game page in your browser. Some browsers block it by default.
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