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Accepted count is 0

About: JR Mturk Panda Crazy
edited December 2017 in Script Discussions Chrome
After updating to the latest version, I'm not getting any notification sounds except low timer alarm. And also, accept count showing only 0. I didn't notice exactly when this behavior started, but It was running fine before the update. After this issue, I've downgraded the script to 0.5.5, restarted the PC, and checked again, it didn't work. Just FYI, After the update, I've exported panda crazy data to file.


  • Same here, earlier today even a few hours ago I got the alert for catching a hit. Just a few minutes ago I got the ding that a hit was about to expire and there was no notice that I caught it and it still showed the previous hit that I had caught and not the new one. My guess is that Turk updated something that has broken the script.
  • Yes mturk changed a variable where I was grabbing the requester ID and that stopped the script from counting or alerting because it didn't get what it thought it should get. I put out a fix for it (0.5.7). I also have it check both ways just in case they change it back. If they change it again to something new it will just not get a requester ID and keep on alerting and counting.
  • Thanks, that is what I figured. It is a shame that they just threw this shit up against the wall to see what sticked. If they were this far behind they should have never forced the change. Thanks for all of your work!!!!!!
  • Thank you so much
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