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Some Ideas and Problems

About: JR Mturk Panda Crazy
1. The lastest update broke the option to change Timers
2Edit Hit as soon as you add it
3. Creating a new tab, moving tab, dragging and drop a hit box to the new tab... the box will add to the last tab in list
4Time limit on the hit box
5. All the instructions show the first time the script runs.
Addon Script
1. Change queue lineup; sometimes I like to work from the other end
2. Turn off tab timer/edit it
3. Put the timer and name on one line minus the turk site name. the blinking keep catching my eye
4. Panda button on the same line as title. its forcing the focus on frame to move.


  • Thanks for these!
    1. I tried the options/timers and tried to change stuff and everything seems to be able to save except for the Default GoHam Delay Timer which shows a NaN sometimes. If there is something else I am missing do tell.
    2. I think having a hit collecting as fast as possible and not have to edit it is more important. Once it finds a hit it fills in all the details anyway. I could put another checkbox for edit after adding which may be better.
    3. Good catch. Didn't know about that bug. I'll see if I can fix it as soon as I can.
    4. So the duration for the hit should show on the hit box? After the pay price maybe?
    5. I do want to place instructions on a web page of it's own. I might be able to show a simple instruction for the script at first run and have the link to the full instructions on there as well.

    Addon Script. The queue helper script is mainly in testing stage. Not completely finished yet. The other helper been out awhile.
    1. Yes this is in the plans I am just trying to figure out the best way of doing this. Either a small button to the right side of the hit in between the hit and the edge of the browser where it pulls up a window with options that can be changed. Or maybe a url to go to like ?lasthit at the end to reverse queue order. I do want to have an option to go to next hit from same requester too.
    2. I think the options window will also have a way to change the way the tab title is shown. I would like to show the queue size and the time left there. Maybe the blinking is too much I don't know.
    3. see above.
    4. I see what you mean and will try to change it or I can have the script do the focusing the frame itself. I don't know. I'll try some testing to see if I can make it not move the frame.
    5. You're Welcome. Lot of good stuff to think about.
  • when I click on option;timer. The menu doesn't pop up
  • Another idea: in the hit setting, able to auto start goham delay with the hit
  • The timers menu should work now with version 0.3.11. Was finally able to find the exact bug that was causing all these weird problems.

    Good idea to add an option to have a hit go into Goham delay automatically. I find myself pushing that goham delay button a lot on certain hits. Thanks
  • Since I started using your script my productivity has gone up 25%. The biggest help is Queue Watch. But the cycle timer is causing way too many PRE'S. I have Scraper set to 100results, 2 pages every 30 seconds (I like easy batch hits), plus queue order fix and your script is set to 1200ms normal and goham.

    Long story short:
    Under the accept tab, can it show the time when a PRE hit and cycle like Turkmaster. Cycle then pause before next cycle. I had mine set to check every 400ms and pause every six for 2 seconds
  • The cycle timer shouldn't be causing PRE's at all. It's meant to send a request to mturk at a specific time instead of being set by each panda. The script slows down 10ms every time it receives a PRE so it allows you to work from queue. The goham is the only thing in the script that would cause PRE's because it's meant to grab as many hits from a popular batch before others grab them. Ham mode goes under the 970ms line that will cause PRE'S and then resets the timer back to where it started from. Make sure you are only using goHam for batches that will go fast. It's not really good for daily or penny hits.

    Good way to find the best timer to use in PC with scraper running is make sure those two scripts are the only things running. Let PC collect hits normally. Watch the elapsed timer at top and wait until it stops going up. You can click on that text to see the ms it has slowed down also. Once the number stays at a constant time then that would be the timer you could use for a 2nd timer. I don't believe turkmaster does anything with PRE's. It just spreads the timers out at the beginning so it doesn't send a lot at first.
  • When I click on 'start group' and deselect a group, it turns off the other groups while it still shows the groups are selected
  • I do know there are a few small problems with groupings. I haven't done much with them since I added it. I'll have to do more testing to see if I can get this bug to show up for me. My groupings seem to start and stop correctly. I'll look more closely at how the groupings are working when I can. Thanks.
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