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Big Problem On Mturk : You have exceeded the maximum allowed page request rate for this website

About: Turkmaster (Mturk)
edited August 2016 in Script Discussions Chrome

Dear Script Creation Requester Please Help Me For Mturk Website This Error : "You have exceeded the maximum allowed page request rate for this website." , How TO Solved The Error ...

If You Any Script Here , Please Suggest For All Mturk Workers


  • This means that you either have too many watchers running at short intervals or that you are using other scripts that do too many page requests in short intervals. This, or a combination of both scenarios will result in the above message.

    Turkmaster attempts to throttle the number of requests that it makes at any given time, but the actual request limits are anyone's guess. So if you push TM too hard you can get these errors. When you also run other scripts that do frequent requests, your chances of running into this error increases.
  • I do know that you can't run Scraper and Turkmaster at the same time, so I stop one to use the other. If it's not enough, then I space out the watchers more or turn off a few that aren't needed immediately.

    We have a great help site at, if you're not yet a member. No, I don't get money for recommending it :-). Our senior user Bear has written an edit to TM that makes MT more tolerant of multiple watchers.
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