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Mobile question

About: Turkmaster (Mturk)
i am trying to do more on my android tablet so i installed tampermonkey for the dolphin browser and tried using turkmaster this weekend. it runs great for surveys or single hits but when i find a batch,(ibotta zings), it stops after getting the first hit it finds. the "stop on accept" box is not checked and i have tried running it in mobile or desktop mode to no avail. is there a way around this or am i missing something in settings?


  • That might be difficult to troubleshoot since it's on mobile, but I haven't used Dolphin in a couple of years so maybe I'm wrong. Glad to see it's still around!

    Does Turkmaster play a different sound when you're doing a batch? If not, maybe there's a problem with the sound. I'm just trying to narrow things down out loud...

    Also, are you sure there's no captcha involved? Turkmaster currently stops when it encounters a captcha so that could be the case. I'm considering changing that since I haven't yet seen any evidence that people will be penalized for reloading HITs when a captcha needs to be entered.
  • i ran the default .75 surveys, they pop with no sound at all. not sure on that one.

    regarding captchas- i just cleared one and started it back and it stopped after getting hit.
    and please remove the captcha stop sign if it doesn't mess things up.
    i did check the tampermonkey page on google play. they say to install dolphin jetpack for kitkat 4.4, did that.

    i am going to figure out 3rd party script hosting since that appears to be the only way to get the tampermonkey beta to work on mobile chrome.
  • Long delayed update-

    It works fine batches now, can get a full queue no problem. Dings when it catches a hit. I think it works the same as on a PC, running on tab with dashboard, do hits in different tab.
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