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About: JR Mturk Panda Crazy
This is the best turker tool since HITscraper. I had a few ideas, but I realized once I read the instructions in depth, you had implements almost every idea. The only thing I would suggest is something for a the hit page similar to how Turkmaster would function. So you could add a hit to 'collect' directly from the website (outside the GUI). Other idea is for the Cycle slow down to have an auto reset. That's in case you forget to hit reset timer after a minute or so (you could make customizeable like every other feature you've added).

Again, this is incredible. I am surprised there have been only a few to download it, as of yet. This is a game changer, similar to HITscraper.


  • Thank you very much. I have been using and working with a bare version of this script for months. Only about 3 months ago I had a few people test it for me. This week I was confident enough to make it public so that is why not many have found it. I am glad you found it and found good use to it. With this current version there may be a bug that causes it to crash in chrome. I think I fixed it but have to do more testing today. Version 0.2.1 doesn't have that problem but no search button.

    Your idea about collecting from directly has already been thought of. I have created another smaller script that when installed it will add buttons to a hit page and search pages then pass it to the main script. The main script is huge so I didn't want it to be loaded on every Mturk page.

    An auto reset is something I have thought of and I am still debating it. Just want to make sure it doesn't cause more exceed errors. I'll have to think about it and find a good solution to it.
  • Thank you Johnny. I am using Firefox by the way, no crashes. The only weird thing I saw is when you edit a group and the cycle is running, if one triggers, all of your group members switch colors to off and you lose your group. I work around it by pausing the cycle first and then make adjustments to the group.

    Thanks again
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