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Trouble enablign bot - expired discord.

About: CosmosisT's TinyChat Script (CTS V1.5.65)

Hey there, I'm a bit confused as to how to use the script. I've installed it but I don't seem to know how to 'enable' the bot. Commands like !cts and !whoisbot seem to work but I can't play youtube videos in my room. Under CTS Bot configuration it says OFF. The discord link is expired unfortunately. Wondering if I'm missing something obvious. Cheers


  • When you load a room and it doesn't say
    YouTube Mode: ON

    Then your player will not work in the room, any use of YT will result in fatal for what I've discovered to be just free-rooms. Anything pro, extreme, and gold will have the mode enabled.

    If mode is enabled, you just need to type in !bot or have your automated call do it for you if no one responds.

    When a host is selected, users may call !yt link/keyword and have the video appear, however at this moment the TinyChat's API is down and we're left with the !ytbypass link method unless you provide API key for feature.

    Hopefully this is a matter of not working in a free room or a confusion of some sort. All should work and with the latest update users may add their own API till TC sorts theirs to make the regular YT commands work.

    I'll be fixing discord links, and fix that; any more issues let me know! :)

  • How the bot works:
    1. On room join if bot is automated, you will call !whoisbot, if a set host sees this, they will respond !bot. If no one responds it's assumed no one and you call !bot, this will set you as the host.
    2. If you don't automate you don't bother and leave it to whoever until !bot is called,
    3. Hosts when established can take in commands such as !chuck, !dad, !urb keyword, and youtube! If TC or yourself provides working API Key you may use regular YT with the keyword search and all otherwise left with the ytbypass if the feature is enabled in the room.


    • !bottoggle automates the process or turns it off leaving you to use !bot when you want to take host and that can be done any-time as long you're moderator.
    • If the API Key goes online or you can provide one, the regular features for YouTube will all work!
    • You may as host go !fish at anytime, but this feature is hidden behind !gamehost.

    If you want immediate help in a sense, our room or discord is very useful or faster for replies.

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