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Script runtime error in Windows

About: Evernote Web HTML editor
Hi--when I run the script from my downloads folder in Windows 10, I get this error:
line 146
char 1
Error 'document' is undefined
Code 800A1391
Source Microsoft JScript runtime error


  • You didn't install the script. It seems as if you downloaded the Javascript file in your Downloads folder and somehow tried to click on it as if it were an executable file. Before leaving a negative review stating that the script doesn't work you should install the script properly.

  • Hi Lazza--I'm very sorry--I didn't intend to leave "negative feedback" just report my status. I have updated my vote. Again, very sorry! I'll try to figure out what I am doing wrong! Blaine
  • With Lazza's help, I got this working. It is great; finally exactly what I needed!

    Thank you, and again I apologize for my ignorance, and for posting an incorrect rating.
  • All's well that ends well!

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