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wont let me access commands or use youtube with tinychat bot

About: CosmosisT's TinyChat Script (CTS Lite v1.2)

the Theme and Layout changed but it wont let me Type in the commands to show Who is bot or to access You tube, I'm not sure if i'm doing something wrong, can you please help me with this issue


  • You can join the discord, I would think you may be using it wrong; it's a bit complicated at first but once figured out very simple. If for whatever reason it's not working I can evaluate better through discord (without spamming this out).

    To verify however, CTSLite has no commands built in, make sure you are running the regular version if you made that mistake. If CTS is loaded correctly and by itself, if a chat message can be made then you can enter commands, type to the chat !cts and see your list. Features like !whoisbot is limited to moderators, and won't be called. So users know, by default !bottoggle is set to automated, so users are YT ready on join if no bot is present, they may enter that command as many times to toggle their state so the whoisbot followed by bot call is not made when joining (mod only).

    Because of API being taken offline, ytbypass was released as a messy fix to directly feed videos through but at a fixed duration of an hour (thus they stay up after 5min video). This feature is for moderators as it cancels out videos versus makes a public playlist in the actual YT panel for the moderators.

    I hope this helps but if any issues join discord posted in description or find me in stonercircle on TC when I'm available. Many users as well use the script there, if easy enough you may get your answers via them.

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    edit: just realized I posted this in the wrong thread. sorry, ignore.

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