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Was working, but now URL is overlaying result title. Fixed myself.

About: Old google search

My URLs started getting mixed in with the title. Made a modification to select a few parent elements above .rc using .g instead and then still extracted the h3 element and set it in place with the prependTo() function.

(function() {
$('.g').each(function(i, search_result){
var sr = $(search_result);
var title = sr.find('div > div > div > a > h3');


  • This was bugged out in both Chrome and Firefox. The fix corrected it in both as well.

  • Shoot. That makes the h3 outside the a element and so it doesn't link anymore. Will need to modify a little further. Looks like Google is using CSS to prevent the original from working.

  • I updated the script, it should be better

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