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seems to not be working anymore?

About: E-Hentai & ExHentai Fade or hide viewed galleries and tag hider

I don't think the script is doing anything at this time... I don't see anything faded or even the hide button.


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    what view mode are you using?
    and are you using tampermonkey?

  • Waterfox

    I'm using violentmonkey on waterfox. I tried all sorts of view modes, but I'm primarily using thumbnail mode.

  • i downloaded and tried, works fine. does console say anything.
    press f12 and reload site and paste what console says!

  • and i recommend u use tampermonkey cuz it will automatically fade instead of refresh when using voiletmonkey

  • Waterfox

    Unfortunately I've had problems with tampermonkey on waterfox. I've been using violentmonkey for over a year now with absolutely no issues on 20+ extensions, so I'll try seeing what the console says first. It's probably in your best interest too-- most people are switching to violentmonkey because tampermonkey is close sourced.

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    i tried it on voiletmonkey and it worked, it just didnt refresh the fade automatically like it does on tampermonkey and greasemonkey :),

    please let me know what console says if it says anything at all.

  • Waterfox

    It seems like the issue that comes up when I press the show/hide button is the following:

    Does this help?

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    btw are you on latest ver? if not

    might be old code?, cuz that function was renamed because i now support all view modes. and the old code also broke at some point. so i fixed that.

    try to copy past the latest code and see if that works,

    if u can also backup ur current code to notepad or something on ur desktop if u want.

  • mby if a saw what code you have now.? copy to pastbin or something so i can see it!

  • Waterfox

    I reinstalled the script from greasyfork but it still didn't work and I till get the same issue :( I even removed it once and re-installed it after, but I still get the same issue coming up in console. I even turned off all other extensions I have for exh. Strange. here's the code.

  • good news, i think i spotted the problem, dont know why but ur voiletmonkey is sensitive :P, i havent noticed it cuz mine is not so sensitive.

    ill try to get a update out tomorrow mby it will fix

  • hah will even fix the hide button to work without refresh, thanks did not see that problem. old code that i forgotten how i used. :P and didnt remove so it triggered in ur sensitive but not mine :(

  • edited January 15 Firefox

    let me know if the update, is not working,
    and if there is any new console messages u can show, please do. It helped pin point problem :P,
    sorry it took so long

  • Waterfox

    Unfortunately it's still not working for me. I'll try it again and grab console errors later today.

  • Waterfox

    I tried it out but I don't really have any console issues specific when I press the show/hide button. I don't really see anything happening either....

    What is the extension supposed to do exactly? Tag Flagging doesn't exist anymore so I assumed you are taking the tags marked as hidden in My Tabs and using that as a taglist to hide from any gallery view. Is this correct?

  • should hide tags that u have marked, but u can do that on website instead :P,
    and when u press gallery it just fades it so u can see its viewed.

  • and hide, just hides viewed galleries

  • and i just installed waterfox with voiletmonkey and it works fine, something is wrong with ur browser mby.

  • edited January 24 Firefox

    and btw if hide button shows up there shouldnt be errors? unless hide always showed up when u got the errors in the beginning

  • still not working @Yosh

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